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Capturing your home for the world to see!


We are in an age where instant gratification is expected.  We can not emphasize enough, how big a part GREAT photography and comprehensive coverage of your home and property plays in garnering a larger audience which is what leads to a quicker sale for a higher price. Every property listed with HPRE will receive professional photos as well as video and an "aerial" video.


We at Hegarty & Peery Real Estate Partners know that the first two weeks of an active listing is the most critical period in which to market your home's listing.  With this in mind, we employ a unique strategy in our marketing that has proven to gain exponentially more attention to our listings by both agents and the public than a more traditional approach.  We do not advertise it here on our website but will absolutely share it with you during our listing consultation. BE SURE TO ASK!


Knowing that Google is the world's most widely used search engine and that Google owns YouTube, in order to be competitive in today's market one must use video in marketing a property for sale.  While there is value in the "virtual tour" which is effectively a slide show of the same media that is available in the MLS, the use of video is what propels a property listing to the top of Google search results which is not only where you want to be , but where you need to be in order to maximize visibility.


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